Tyson Fund

Tyson Fund promotinal image
The Tyson Compassion Fund is another way you can delegate your donations for a specific purpose. This fund is in honour of Tyson, our late shelter mascot.

Tyson was a stray cat who was badly burned after going into the rubble of a recent house fire. He was brought to the shelter and needed several treatments at the vet. After all he went through, the shelter staff decided to make him the shelter mascot. He was a resident of the shelter for four years until he developed kidney disease. Sadly, this is a disease without a cure, and the shelter had to say good-bye to their beloved Tyson.

Some of our members have suggested that we have a special fund to cover life saving medical treatment of pets in our care. In the past we have had to put out a plea for help with medical costs, but now we will have a special fund to be used for this need.

Our no kill status is important to us, as well as giving the pets a good quality of life. Since some pets come in with broken bones and horrible wounds that need emergency treatment, we feel a fund is needed since we don’t always have time to make a plea to cover costs. Other pets in the shelter also develop different medical problems, like tumors, kidney stones, dental work etc., which would also benefit from this fund, giving them a better quality of life and making them more adoptable.