Bottle Drive

Composite image of bottles promoting the Bottle Drive
We started collection of empty liquor, wine, and beer bottles and cans in September 2008 and have been doing so ever since. The first year we raised $378.95 and have been steadily climbing every year since then. In 2017 we made just over $10,150 from these donated items. In less than 10 years, with your help and generosity, we have raised almost $59,000!!

In addition to helping the animals, your beer and liquor cans are helping people too! This past summer we had a volunteer ask us if she could collect the tabs from the cans. She then donates the tabs to be melted down and made into wheelchairs. In just six months, the tabs she has collected from the shelter has helped to get 7 wheelchairs for some very deserving people.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that continues to donate their empties and to our very dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly through the heat and the cold to make sure they are sorted and returned. Thanks also to our local beer store for working with us and accepting such a large amount of empties each week. By donating your empties, it’s an easy way to help the environment, animals and people too!!

Empties can be dropped off a the shelter anytime, there is a shed that they can be left in!  Please note that we don’t accept out of province bottles (Quebec) or bottles for home made wine.