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Special Needs | Arnprior & District Humane Society

Special Needs

Below are some of our pets that are considered special needs adoptions. All of them have lots of love to give and we are hoping they find their own special forever homes.



About feline stomatitis

The condition is thought to be autoimmune in nature. In cats with the disease, the immune system overreacts to dental plaque, which triggers an often overwhelming inflammatory response in the tissues of the mouth, throat and even underlying bone. Treatment for advanced cases of feline stomatitis involves full mouth extraction of the teeth. As drastic as this option seems, it’s the only way to provide long-term relief and a return to good health for cats suffering with the disease. Many cats with teeth extractions experience dramatic relief and have a significantly improved quality of life after their teeth – which were the source of all the inflammation, infection and pain — have been removed. While it may seem like a radical move to do teeth extraction, getting rid of those teeth also gets rid of the source of the immune mediated response, the inflammation, the infection, and the pain. In the majority of full-blown cases, it is actually the most humane treatment for feline stomatitis.